11 Years of Transforming Health Solutions

about jsi

About JSI

JSI has been present in India for over 30 years catalyzing solutions to the country’s most urgent healthcare needs. This commitment was further reinforced in 2013, when John Snow India Private Limited (JSIPL) was formally established as a 100% owned subsidiary of John Snow, Inc. The India entity combines rich global experience and technical expertise with deep, local knowledge and networks. The organization’s strength lies in nurturing strong partnerships with governments, private sector and civil society to serve the needs of multiple stakeholders.

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Technical expertise

Contributing with technical support, evidence, technology and capacity building at national and state level

Reducing child and maternal mortality by promoting high impact proven interventions

Supply chain

Ensuring equitable access to health commodities by bolstering supply-chain systems

Supporting fight against preventable diseases with seamless integration of social determinants of health

Improving access to health among urban vulnerable populations to build smarter urban-health systems

Promoting TB care and control by adapting cutting edge innovative approaches


Improving maternal, child and adolescent nutrition with system strengthening and community engagement

Urban Immunization

Overcoming barriers to achieve goals of equity, access and affordability in the uptake of vaccines

Helping governments and partners gather and use data to improve family planning health system performance

Our Services

Technical Support

Achieving technical excellence by drawing from innovations in global experience and best practices

Policy Advocacy

Using evidence to influence policies for improved public health

Partnerships for shared value

Convening partnerships with governments, private sector, civil society and donors

Capacity building for enhanced performance

Strengthening capacities of stakeholders using multi-pronged, complimentary approaches

On-ground implementation

Strengthening capacities of stakeholders using multi-pronged, complimentary approaches

Award Management/Sub-Award Management/Micro Planning

Supporting local organizations to expand coverage, reach and access to marginalized communities

Monitoring, evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL)

Synthesizing data for programme improvement, knowledge management and shaping of evidence based policies

Digital Health

Using technology as an enabler to achieve greater efficiencies while resolving public health challenges

Communication and Advocacy

Promoting sustainable behavior change by enhancing community ownership and accountability

Our projects

JSI partners with governments, private sector, civil society, professional bodies, donors and communities to implement programs that address high priority health and development challenges. We also partner with foundations, social entrepreneurs and academia to leverage their capabilities.

Providing real-time data and information to policy makers to drive evidence-based decisions

Providing technical assistance to the government for nation-wide introduction

Blending knowledge and skill building to complement classroom training on immunization

Lead partner in providing technical support to the government for introduction in 14 states

Institutionalizing capacity building systems applying human-centered design and implementation

Embedding urban health in city policy design with focus on equity and data-driven decision making

Supporting the Immunization Division in rolling out COVID-19 vaccines

India’s think tank on Immunization

Accelerating achievement of strategic aims in the National TB Elimination Program

Implementing a 3-year pilot project in urban slums of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar